Our Trial Farm.
Research for tomorrow.

With over six decades of leading innovation in the agri-food sector, we understand the importance of being fully aware of the impact our business has on the environment. Working with the Science Based Targets Initiative, we mapped out the emissions produced within our full supply chain, from farm gate to consumer. We found that 90% of emissions in our supply chain occur at farm level. Then we got straight to work.

Leveraging science to meet our targets.

Since 2015, we have been pioneering research in Ireland focused on lowering emissions across our supply chain. With a direct focus on those occurring at farm level, we’ve uncovered key insights into how to lower emissions, while also increasing profitability for farmers. Our findings are so robust that we have now embarked on a similar research programme in Poland on our Trial Farm.

The Trial Farm is a family farm where we apply key learnings from Ireland in a Polish context. We work closely with this dairy-beef family farm, focused on a number of key areas including genetics, animal health & welfare and biodiversity. Our aim is to enhance the sustainability of beef production, both environmentally and economically for farmers.

ABP Polish representative and farmer

It pays to be green.

Phase One of our research in Ireland was animal focused, exploring how genetics may be related to more efficient feed conversion, which in turn lowers emissions.

Over 5,000 cattle have been involved in that study so far, which is supported and verified by independent experts and research institutions. This multiyear undertaking found that a data-driven approach to cattle breeding can reduce methane emissions significantly. These efficiencies can also improve returns for the farmer, showing that economic and environmental sustainability go hand in hand. It pays to be green, in more ways than one.

Building on the success of our Irish genetics study, we have now started to apply these learnings on our Trial Farm in Poland.

Industry collaboration enables even more.

We have embarked on a further research project with MSD, global leaders in animal health. Together we are working to reach even higher standards in veterinary care and animal health & welfare. This partnership enables us to leverage one another’s long-established expertise, creating the potential for breakthroughs that will benefit our cattle and the farmers who care for them.