Invested in rural communities where we operate.

At ABP rural communities have always been the beating heart of our business. Our operations in Poland are no different. Over the last decade, we’ve worked hard at building relationships in the communities where we are located across Poland.

We’re serious about showing our commitment and making real contributions that positively impact the people in these communities. Each of our sites is involved in a number of initiatives at local level. By supporting local schools, parks and sports teams through volunteering and sponsorship, we hope to make lasting change that shows how much we value these communities. One thing that is certain: we can always achieve more when we band together.

ABP Polish Cattle

Sensory Garden in Tykocin led by ABP She

Inspired by ABP’s values, in October 2022 ABP She initiated a project at a local school near their site in Tykocin. They felt there was a real opportunity to bring our values outside of the business and into the local community.

The team’s initial idea to create a unique space for education beyond the school walls quickly evolved when they learned the school served a special purpose, integrating children with various disabilities. In partnership with the local school, the team decided to build a Sensory Garden that would be especially tailored to these young students.

Throughout this week, the ABP She Team was supported by gardeners, school employees and students. Being involved in this project was so fulfilling for our team. There will certainly be more to come.