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For ABP, sustainability is the future.

As part of ABP Food Group, it’s our responsibility to be part of the development of a more sustainable path for the agricultural sector. Our environmental goals are firmly rooted in science-based targets and independently verified.

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ABP Sustainability Story

ABP Polish Farmer

Our strategy is aligned with the global agenda.

It’s absolutely essential for our business to continue making strides. Our science-based targets for emissions reductions are aligned with the targets set out in the Paris Climate Agreement. Science-based targets are an internationally recognised standard for emissions reductions. We have conducted a thorough analysis of the emissions that occur across our entire supply chain to identify areas of focus. As a group, we are playing our part to help deliver on the global agenda for climate action.

We put our money where our mouth is.

We’ve made significant investment across the board to improve the sustainability of our operations. Science-based targets keep us on track towards reducing our emissions. We make sure our aims are achievable as well as ambitious. In Poland, we are pioneering research to enhance the sustainability of our supply chain. We work closely with our farmer suppliers, providing expert advisory support on better farming practices and animal health & welfare.

Serious about sustainability, we’re always finding ways to prove our commitment.

The farmers who supply us are essential to our business. That’s why we work closely with local family farms to provide advice and support at every stage.

Through innovation, reducing emissions and actively protecting our natural ecosystems, we are leading the way in helping to ensure a cleaner future for all. Find out more about how ABP promotes sustainability below.

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