We will never compromise on quality.

Each person in our business is dedicated to producing consistently high quality. We expect the same from everyone in our supply chain. It all matters.

Our meat is completely traceable and our processes are lean. Because we believe in the integrity of our products, we will always safeguard these standards. Our customers deserve nothing less, and we go above and beyond for them, each and every day.

Quality begins in the farm.

At ABP, we know that quality begins on the farm. The farmers who supply us are equally committed to ensuring high standards begin with them. We’re proud to work closely with the farmers who supply us directly. Together we are working to raise standards across every step of the process.

We know that we can always do better. This means we never settle. Creating a comfortable stress-free environment for cattle and taking a proactive approach to animal health are essential. Not just for the good of our animals, but for the good of our product and our consumers too.

ABP Polish Meat