ABP’s vision is simple.

To be the best at everything we do.

Being a market leader comes with responsibilities. You also have to lead on quality, traceability and sustainability.

Animal welfare is ABP’s priority, creating a healthy, safe and stress-free life for our cattle. Then when it’s time, our proven maturation process ensures the most distinctive, flavoursome beef.

ABP Polish Cattle

Waste not, want not.

We continue to research, innovate and invest in every area of our business, to grow a future that is not only bright but sustainable. In fact, ABP pioneered sustainability in the beef industry, even down to what we do today with our by-products. The core business is supported by renewables, pet food and protein divisions, allowing us to minimise waste, reduce our environmental impact, and employ more people.

For us, the difference is personal.

Every farmer in our network has a business to run. This is why we guarantee our suppliers payment within seven days of delivery. Our business was founded on this principle in 1954, and we go out of our way to bring it to each new territory we operate in. Fairness and respect guide everything we do at ABP.

Our focus on building direct, personal relationships with Polish beef farmers means that we can share the expertise we have grown over decades. By working closely together, we know we can continue to raise the quality benchmark, producing better beef in a more sustainable way.